Sunday, February 05, 2023

Monitoring the project

It becomes necessary, after any task carried out, especially if it is in a group, a monitoring to assess the degree of achievement of objectives, a review of the strengths and weaknesses.

So we created surveys and rubrics to check to what extent we have achieved our objectives, among the students and among the professors participating in the project.

At the beginning of the project we tried to know how the students viewed the school environment, their relationships with the other students and with the teachers. This was the survey that was passed on to the participating students:

Students survey about the school environment and their perception of the school


At the end of the project, another survey is carried out on the degree of satisfaction of the students after having participated, what sensations they had and how they lived their involvement in the European adventure.

Survey of students on the degree of satisfaction with the project “Straightening”


At the end of our project we want to know also what has been the impact among the teachers with respect to the objectives achieved within the project.

Teachers survey on the impact of the project “Straightening”