Thursday, March 23, 2023

Trasnational competition to create a Project logo

November 2018, students from the schools involved in the project took part in a competition to choose the logo that will represent the project during the next two years.

Many students at Merenojan Koulu, Kalajoki (Finland), Balvu Valsts Gymnasium, Balvi (Latvia), Szkoła Podstawowa, Gliwice (Poland) and IES Isla de la Deva, drawn their logos with the hope of winning the contest and see how their effort was rewarded Winning this contest means seeing your logo representing the project in all communications, documents and events related to our STRAIGHTENING ERASMUS +

A month and a half later we know that  the winner logo comes from Latvia:

  • Latvia logos


Other finalist logos were the following:

  • Spain logos


  • Finland logos

  • Poland logos



The winner finally was the number 2 of Latvia