Monday, April 22, 2024

Learning teaching training activities 

In this project four Learning teaching training activities have been carried out. They are a real boost for students.

For each of the mobilities a similar plan is designed, which consists of always starting with ice breaking activities, to facilitate the cohesion of the group during the week of coexistence and work.

The activities prepared previously by the students are presented, through oral presentations, debates and sharing, during which they will give their opinions on the most motivating and also the most disappointing aspects that they have encountered during the development of the activity in their country. In addition they create digital products which allow them to carry out a collaborative critical creative work with an attractive widely-disseminable final format.

Teachers also present in every exchange their reports about several strategies have been developed.

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In Finland, students created their scrapbooks of the week they spent in Kalajoki.

Book Creator memories / Kalajoki 23rd - 27th April 2018

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