Wednesday, December 06, 2023

Oral Speech


The confidence to speak in public through oral presentations and the fact that a student perceives himself as competent in this ability results in an extraordinary motivation in the academic environment. Precisely because it is one of the activities that most fear generates to most people, including of course the students.

In this context, we consider it very necessary to train students to feel safe when facing an audience, whether teachers or not. Losing the fear of speaking in public is a big step in acquiring self-confidence and security.

Teachers created some advices to our students in order to prepare a good oral speech.


Choose your visual aids

To help simplifying slides consider the following:

  1. Do not try to tell the whole story on one slide. Use key words only, (think in terms of headlines), not long lists of words or whole paragraphs. Audiences won't be able to concentrate on what you are saying if they are expected to read text on a slide.
  2. Convey only one main idea per slide. Express ideas in as few words as possible.
  3. If needed, consider including handout material containing extensive detail to supplement a more simplified slide.
  4. Instead of one complex slide make several simplified slides with a conclusion slide describing the overall concept.
  5. Use pictures, simple diagrams, graphs or tables where possible rather than text.
  6. Use a large point size (30pt) and a sans-serif font (Arial, Tahoma). Use upper and lower case, not all upper.

Use contrasting colours for good legibility; for example dark-coloured fonts for texts on light background.

It is about preparing a powerpoint or prezi in English for an oral presentation according to the following


  1. You will work in pairs or groups of three people.
  2. Use Prezi or Powerpoint.
  3. The advisable exposure time is 10 ', since you are more than one person.
  4. Structure the content in 3 parts: introduction - development - conclusion
  5. Use keywords to remember what you should say on each slide.
  6. Use no more than 3 words for each slide with a font size of at least 3 = 3 KEY WORDS
  7. Put large images, think of the people at the back of the room.
  8. Put at least one image per slide.